“Not About You,” or the Politics of Universalizing

Recently, one of the feminist pages I follow on Facebook posted a link to an article about the post-partum body. The article itself brings up an important issue that needs to be discussed, and is both thought provoking and non-problematic. The moderator’s framing as they shared the link, however, was inherently essentialist, actually stating that […]

On Ruining Lives

Recently, an article on Jezebel discussed an awful fraternity “prank” that invoked racist and homophobic slurs while creating exponential amounts of work for a postman who was originally believed to be the target of the “prank”. It turns out that he wasn’t, but that doesn’t make it any better. One commenter suggested that the names […]

Why women (or at least this woman) leave philosophy

Recently a friend posted this article on facebook with the question: Why don’t more women go into philosophy? As someone with a BA in philosophy who was very close to pursuing a PhD in philosophy before I decided to take the Literature/Critical Theory route (I actually decided when it was time to start working on applications […]